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Number plate screws and caps are essential components used in securing vehicle license plates to the front and rear of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. These components serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Number plate caps, also known as screw caps or screw covers, are decorative or protective covers that are placed over the screw heads once the license plate is attached. These caps serve both aesthetic and protective purposes.

  • Aesthetic: Number plate caps come in various designs, colours, and materials, allowing vehicle owners to personalize the look of their license plates. Some people use caps to match their vehicle's colour or add a custom touch.

  • Protective: In addition to aesthetics, caps can provide protection to the screw heads. They help prevent moisture, dirt, and debris from getting into the screw heads, which can lead to rust or corrosion.

  • Anti-Theft: Some number plate caps have tamper-resistant features, making it more challenging for thieves to remove the license plate screws. This added security can deter theft.

When installing a license plate, you'll typically use screws to attach the plate to the vehicle and then cover the screw heads with caps. This not only keeps the plate securely in place but also adds a finished and customized appearance to the vehicle's front and rear.

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