M3 Hexagon Nuts (DIN 934) - Zinc Plated Yellow Passivated

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A hexagon nut, often referred to as a hex nut, is a type of fastener with six flat sides and is designed to be used with a bolt or threaded rod to secure objects together.

Zinc Plated Steel means that the hexagon nuts are made of steel and have been coated or plated with a layer of zinc. Zinc plating provides corrosion resistance to the nuts and helps prevent them from rusting when exposed to moisture or environmental factors. It also gives them a shiny silver appearance.

Yellow passivation is an additional chemical process applied to the zinc-plated surface. It adds a yellowish or iridescent tint to the zinc coating. The passivation process enhances the corrosion resistance of the zinc-plated layer and provides additional protection against oxidation and environmental factors.

Components with a "Zinc Plated Yellow Passivated" finish are often used in applications where both corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance are important. The yellow tint gives a distinctive look to the components, and the combination of zinc plating and passivation ensures their longevity in various environments.

Material Steel - Grade 8
Finish Zinc Plated Yellow Passivated
Manufacturing Standard DIN 934
For Use With Thread Size M3 (3mm), Right Hand Thread
Screw Thread Pitch 0.5mm
Nut Thickness (T)
Nut Thickness (T) Tolerance +0/-0.25mm
Nut Width A/F (J)
Nut Width A/F (J) Tolerance


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