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Wiring grommets are indeed important components used to protect wires and cables when they pass through sharp-edged holes in sheet metal, panels, and metal plates. They are typically made from rubber or other flexible materials such as silicone or PVC, and they serve several key functions in electrical and electronic applications.

  1. Protection from Sharp Edges: The primary function of wiring grommets is to shield wires and cables from the sharp edges of the holes or openings they pass through. This protection prevents the wires from chafing, fraying, or otherwise being damaged due to contact with rough or jagged surfaces.

  2. Sealing and Insulation: Wiring grommets create a strong seal around the opening, preventing the ingress of dust, dirt, moisture, or other environmental contaminants. This sealing action helps maintain the integrity of the electrical or cable connection and minimizes the risk of short circuits or other issues.

  3. Strain Relief: Wiring grommets provide a mild level of strain relief by gripping the wires or cables in place as they pass through the hole. This prevents excessive bending or tension on the wires, reducing the risk of damage due to stress.

  4. Flexibility: Grommets are designed to be firm yet flexible, which allows them to be bent or compressed during installation. This flexibility makes it easier to insert wires or cables into the grommet and position them properly within the opening.

  5. Vibration Dampening: In some applications, wiring grommets can also serve as vibration dampeners, reducing the transmission of vibrations from the surrounding structure to the wires or cables. This is particularly important in automotive and machinery applications.

Wiring grommets come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different wire and cable diameters and hole sizes. They are commonly used in automotive wiring, electronics, industrial equipment, and other applications where wires and cables need protection and management as they pass through panels, chassis, or enclosures. Properly installed grommets can help ensure the long-term reliability and safety of electrical systems.

 Size A B C D E
6mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 4.8mm 3.8mm 8.5mm
9mm 9.3mm 1.6mm 7.7mm 6mm 13.4mm
12mm 12.3mm 1.6mm 9.5mm 6.4mm 16.2mm
16mm 15.8mm 1.6mm 12mm 5.9mm 19mm
20mm 20.2mm 1.6mm 15.8mm 6.2mm 23mm
25mm 25mm 1.6mm 19.5mm 7.3mm 29.2mm


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