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Blanking grommets are essential components used to seal or plug unwanted holes in panels or sheet materials, particularly those that are often left behind when wires or cables are no longer needed. These grommets serve a specific purpose in various industries and applications. 

  1. Hole Sealing: Blanking grommets are designed to seal holes in panels, chassis, or sheet materials, ensuring that the openings are effectively closed. This prevents the ingress of dust, debris, moisture, or other environmental contaminants into the enclosed space.

  2. Versatility: They can be used in a range of applications where holes or openings need to be plugged, such as electrical panels, automotive applications, furniture manufacturing, and more.

  3. Material: Blanking grommets are typically made from rubber, which provides flexibility and resilience. This rubber material allows the grommets to conform to the shape of the hole and effectively seal it.

  4. Firmness and Flexibility: Blanking grommets strike a balance between firmness and flexibility. This makes them easy to install by bending or compressing them to fit into the opening while ensuring a secure seal once in place.

  5. Protection and Aesthetics: These grommets not only serve a protective function but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the panel or surface by providing a neat and finished appearance.

  6. Variety of Sizes: Blanking grommets come in various sizes to accommodate different hole diameters and shapes, ensuring a secure fit.

Blanking grommets are a practical solution for maintaining the integrity and appearance of panels and surfaces by sealing holes or openings effectively. They are a common choice for managing holes left behind from previous wiring or where wiring and cable management is not required, making them a versatile accessory in various industries.

Dimension A = Hole Size to Fit

 Size A B D E
6mm 6.4mm 1.6mm 3.8mm 8.5mm
9mm 9.3mm 1.6mm 6mm 13.4mm
12mm 12.3mm 1.6mm 6.4mm 16.2mm
16mm 15.8mm 1.6mm 5.9mm 19mm
20mm 20mm 1.6mm 6.2mm 24.2mm
25mm 25mm 1.6mm 7.3mm 29.2mm

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